Create the dental practice of your dreams while having more time to enjoy your life. 

The dentists I trained in The Cloud 9 Way left me. They had the confidence and tools to strike out on their own. When they became my toughest competitors, I knew the strategies presented in The Cloud 9 Way weren’t a fluke that only worked for me. The problem of low profits isn’t too many dentists, or the economy. Fundamentally, it’s know-how. When you embrace a benefits-driven practice model, you don’t compete with other dentists anymore. Instead, you compete for the hearts and minds of patients. You were never an average dentist. Now everyone will see it, too. 


Hello, I’m Dr. Tim Johnston, founder of The Cloud 9 Way. It took me 20 years to build a $5 million dental practice. There’s no need for it to take anyone else that long.  If you have initiative and an internet connection, The Cloud 9 Way can help you start seeing change in your practice immediately -- increased profits as well as more time to enjoy them.

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